We are a purpose-driven church, meaning that every activity of ministry within this church is a direct application of the purpose. Our main concern is that people have an ongoing experience of conversion with Jesus. This will enable them to experience healing from all sin and to begin sharing the unique ministry God has given them.

East Hartford Church Statement of Faith

In essential beliefs ~ we have U N I T Y {Ephesians 4:4-6}

In non-essential beliefs ~ we have L I B E R T Y {Rom 14:1, 4, 12, 22}

In all our beliefs ~ we show C H A R I T Y {1 Cor 13:2}

The 8 Essentials We Believe

 1. About God ~~ God is the creator and ruler of the UNIVERSE.

2. About Jesus Christ ~~ Jesus Christ is the son of GOD.

3. About the Holy Spirit ~~ The Holy Spirit is co-equal with the FATHER and the


4. About the Bible ~~ The Bible is God's WORD to us.

5. About Human Beings ~~ People are made in the spiritual IMAGE of God.

6. About Salvation ~~ Salvation is God's free GIFT to us.

7. About Eternal Security ~~ God gives us eternal SECURITY through Jesus, the Christ.


Beliefs are not worthy unless they are translated into actions. {James 2:18 NIV}

The Bible is our sole A U T H O R I T Y {2 Tim 3:15}
Each church makes its own D E C I S I O N S {Col 1:18 GN}
Every believer is a M I N I S T E R {1 Peter 2:9 GN}
Cheerful G I V I N G {Lev. 27:30}
Baptism by I M M E R S I O N {Col. 2:12 GN}
Spirit – led L I V I N G {John 15:5}
Sharing the word about C H R I S T {1 Peter 3:15}


Seven Principles of Faith

W O R S H I P  and celebrating God's presence.T E A C H I N G which communicates the truth of Scripture to us.

E R V I N G to demonstrate God's love 

P R A Y E R to God. 

FE L L O W S H I P with God's people 

E V A N G E L I S M by sharing the Good News of Jesus with lost people.

M I S S I O N S across the street and around the world.